Join a 2.5 hour interactive individualised or group cooking class with Renu in Rishikesh and learn the art of balanced cooking.The class will comprise 30 minutes theory on Ayurveda nutrition and 2 hours of practical cooking which will be interactive.

We will empower you to cook in a healthy way suited to your constitution, the season and where you normally live. Learn from a variety of North and South Indian dishes as well as fusion dishes. All recipes will be emailed to you.

Renu has led a busy corporate lifestyle in the UK and is well aware of how to incorporate a practical Ayurveda diet into modern westernised lifestyle.

If you can’t come to Rishikesh for a class in person, an individualised online class can be arranged and the recipes will be emailed to you.

2.5 Hrs Interactive individualised Cooking Class USD 35 Book Now
2.5 Hrs Interactive Group Cooking Class (Min of 5 Students in a Group) USD 30 Book Now

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