Renu Gulati, an Ayurveda Practitioner/Teacher/Writer and UK Lawyer

Renu Gulati, an authentic Ayurveda and Yoga Thinker, in conversation with participants from across the globe. A series of podcasts based on Women’s Empowerment, Healing the Earth, Indian Culture and More.

Ayurveda in the Modern World. Dr. Robert Svoboda, (Renowned Ayurveda Doctor & Teacher), and Renu Gulati in conversation about Ayurveda in Modern Times

Dr. Robert Svoboda is the first Westerner ever to graduate from a college of Ayurveda and be licensed to practice Ayurveda in India. During and after his formal Ayurvedic training, he was tutored in Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotish, Tantra and other forms of classical Indian lore by his mentor-the Aghori Vimalananda. In this episode, Robert discusses the macroscopic view of Ayurveda with practical tips of how to incorporate Ayurveda in daily life in a sustainable manner.

Healing the Mother Force-Women's Empowerment in the Vedas. Maya Tiwari, (Ayurveda Teacher, Practitioner and Author) in dialogue with Renu Gulati

Maya Tiwari is a globally renowned speaker in the field of Ayurveda and Vedanta. In this episode, she speaks on the universal and timeless Vedic principles that can help restore the power of our divine feminine nature.

The Universal Power & the Role of Women: A Dialogue between Renu Gulati & Dr Claudia Welch, (renowned speaker/teacher and author in the field of Ayurveda)

Claudia has lectured internationally on Oriental medicine and Āyurveda, exploring how Eastern medicine applies to Women’s Health and today’s reality in general. In this episode, Renu & Claudia discuss how women can be balanced on all levels through Ayurveda's teachings of  aligning with the nature's rhythms.

Women's Empowerment & the Environment: A Dialogue between Dr. Vandana Shiva, (globally renowned environmentalist) & Renu Gulati

Vandana Shiva is an Indian scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, ecofeminist and anti-globalization author. Based in Delhi, Shiva has written more than 20 books. She is often referred as "Gandhi of grain" for her activism associated with anti-GMO movement. A dialogue between Renu Gulati and Dr. Vandana Shiva on the role of women in healing and the environment.

The Preservation and Propagation of Authentic Ayurveda with Renu Gulati & Dr Marc Halpern

A very revealing dialogue regarding what constitutes 'authentic' Ayurveda and how to propagate Ayurveda globally whilst preserving the true essence of Ayurveda. Looking at the differences in Ayurveda education methodologies and practices across the globe and how these influence the teacher/practitioner approach and the understanding of Ayurveda by the  patient/student.

An overview of the integration of Ayurveda and Yoga. Renu Gulati in dialogue with Myra Lewin, (Ayurveda & Yoga Practitioner/Teacher and Author)

Ayurveda is an essential part of a Yoga based lifestyle. Renu & Myra discuss the importance of introducing Ayurveda into Yoga Teachers Training Courses as well as teaching Yoga in an individualized balanced way. There is further discussion on how to address the fear coming from the COVID Pandemic with Ayurveda and Yoga.

The authentic practices of Yoga Lifestyle in today’s world: A dialogue between Renu Gulati and Swami Saradananda, (Yoga Teacher and well known Author on Yoga)

Understanding the interconnected practices of the sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda-both of which are focused on mind-body-spirit health and harmony. However, Ayurveda places more emphasis on disease prevention and disease recovery through healing practices for the body and mind whilst Yoga places more emphasis on the mind and realms beyond. When both Ayurveda and Yoga are practiced together, it is easier to reach the states of optimum wellness and peace for which these practices were designed.

How do Ayurveda Teachings apply in the western world: Renu Gulati and Dr. Mauroof Athique, (Ayurveda Doctor, Teacher and Author) living in the UK

A look at the beginnings of Ayurveda teachings in the western world, how they have grown, and an overview of Ayurveda teachings and practice in the UK.

Ayurveda, Mind & Health: A Dialogue between Renu Gulati & Dr. Anita Duggal, (NHS Psychiatrist in the UK and a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner)

The understanding of mind and mental health within Ayurveda are explored. The factors that contribute to maintaining health are discussed from an Ayurveda perspective.

The Catalyst for Women's Empowerment through the application of the Vedic Culture in Modern times: A Dialogue between Renu Gulati & Dr. Kalpana Sampath

Dr. Kalpana-with a PhD in Social science- is a management specialist focused on understanding consciousness through human processes and art. Over the last 15 years, she has led over 500 workshops in the area of Values Clarification and Learning for Nurturing Excellence. In this episode, Renu and Kalpana look at the dichotomy of the ancient and the new when it comes to women's empowerment whilst addressing how to implement universal yet timeless ancient principles into modernity for women to come to true empowerment.

Mental Health across the globe and through the Pandemic: A dialogue between Renu Gulati & Dr. Mala Kapadia, (Professor and Specialist in Psychology)

Dr. Mala Kapadia is well known for her Education Psychology through Ayurveda and Yoga- which is an integral research area and one of the focus areas of her current work. She is also creating frameworks and course curriculums for integration into mainstream courses. Discussing the interconnectedness of Mental Health with the external environment, Renu and Dr. Mala focus on women's empowerment and healing through Ayurveda.

Cross-cultural Women’s Empowerment: A Dialogue between Renu Gulati & Dr. Satyavani, (Ayurveda Practitioner)

Discussing Women's Empowerment on the levels of the psycho-emotional and the spiritual, Renu and Satyavani are keen to see Global women's empowerment through cross cultural exchanges between women.

The importance of the ancient views of Women's Empowerment in modern times: Dialogue between Renu Gulati & Brandon Bays, (globally renowned healer/teacher and author)

A discussion on the true meaning of Women's Empowerment as described in the ancient cultures. The discussion reveals the meaning to be coming into one's innate potential. A look at how that may be achieved in the Eastern World given the juxtaposition of ancient lives and modern culture.

West Meets East. An American Psychologist Experiences Ayurveda

A dialogue between Renu Gulati & Dr Ben Bernstein on how Ayurveda deeply affected Ben’s life—in body, mind and spirit--after being run over by a taxi cab in New York City.

Yoga as a Lifestyle: Dialogue between Renu Gulati & Sama Fabian, (Senior Yoga Teacher)

Sama, based in the UK,  has been in the field of Yoga for most of her life-both as a practitioner in her personal life and in the teaching of others. In this episode, Renu and Sama discuss the foundation of yoga which is rooted in its ethical lifestyle practices. They examine the true essence of Yoga which is not just Yoga on the mat but very much entrenched in walking one's talk too.

Yoga & The Wider World In the Pandemic and in general by Renu Gulati & Caroline Tautz, (Senior Yoga Teacher in the UK)

Renu & Caroline look at the ethical practices of Yoga, the types of Yoga and how to choose an appropriate Yoga Teacher in these modern times.  They also look at the importance of Ayurveda for Yoga Practitioners and its role in understanding the human organism. A look at the relatively new term 'spiritual bypassing' (suppressing the personality with ‘spirituality) is discussed in depth.

Truth Seekers: A dialogue with Ayurveda Healing Practitioners, Renu Gulati and Sunita Passi from the UK

Addressing the subject of 'Truth' and the numerous individualised paths to 'Truth'. Discussing the 'Truths' of this world and what is defined as absolute Truth.

Boost your immune system by freedom from fear: A Dialogue between Renu Gulati & Nicki Doane, (Senior Yoga Teacher)

Renu and Nicki look at the purpose and principles of Yoga as a lifestyle off the mat. Delving into different traditions of Yoga as well as their differences and origins. Revealing how Yoga is a powerful tool for removing negative emotions.

Women’s Empowerment and Ayurveda: A Dialogue between Ayurveda Practitioners and Teachers, Renu & Jaisri M. Lambert

Join two luminary women leaders in Ayurveda with missions to merge east and west through educational empowerment and hear their about their challenges in women’s empowerment in the fields of family and public health. Renu and Jaisri have both developed service organizations for community development with Ayurveda on opposite sides of the globe and share challenges along their paths to passionately share Ayurveda for women’s empowerment.

Why everyone needs to go to India? A Dialogue between Renu Gulati & Ashley Melin, (Yoga Practitioner and Senior Graphic Designer)

Ashley, from the USA, describes her journeys in India  as 'travelling through the magical chaos of India'. Ashley speaks of the  India as a land of profound heritage and heart.

The Power of the Feminine: A Dialogue between Renu Gulati and Sherine Lovegrove, (Holistic Healer)

Women’s empowerment is not about becoming like a man in a man’s world nor is it a competition to be better than men. Rather, it is about fully embracing the innate feminine aspect and self-actualising. In this way, we can utilise all our strengths to co-create the kind of world we choose to live in.

Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda in Daily Life: Renu Gulati in dialogue with Neha Sharma, (Yoga Teacher)

What are authentic Yoga and Ayurveda? How to find a suitable guide in these complex times where information is available in abundance? How to find authentic healing  practices of Yoga and Ayurveda so as to preserve their integrity and benefits? With the mass outpour of these sciences globally, it is easy to fall prey to malpractice and their potentially adverse effects instead of reaching the highest potential of health and well-being designed by these practices. Looking at what one needs to know to avoid the  pitfalls of malpractice. 

Nearly two decades as Expats in Rishikesh in India: The trials and tribulations with Renu Gulati and Emily Hewitt, (Yoga Teacher and Chef)

Renu-from the UK, and Emily- from Canada, discuss the trials and tribulations of living in India and how they ended up in Rishikesh. How do they fit into the fabric of local society or are they Expats? The changes within them and the adaptations they have undergone in the last two decades. Would they go back to their country of origin and would they fit in or are they happier where they are? Let's see what the future brings.

Looking at spirituality through the eyes of Healing Practitioners Renu Gulati and Tarika Ahuja, (Author and Wellness coach)

Renu and Tarika explore their holistic approaches to  mind-body-spirit wellness. They discuss the new found trend of Google and DIY wellness and spirituality approaches. Discussing their thoughts on how individuals can practically  adopt a unique yet simple path for optimum wellness through diet, lifestyle, and other practices.

The passion for Ayurveda and living in India as a foreigner: Renu Gulati in dialogue with Susan Aggarwal, (Ayurveda Coach)

Both Renu and Susan live in India. Renu lives in the North in Rishikesh and Susan in the South in Tiruvannamalai. Exploring their Ex-Pat style existence, the pros and cons and their integration into the local communities where they live. Renu came to India to become an Ayurveda Doctor and Susan discovered Ayurveda through watching the lives of locals-in particular, her in Indian Laws. What are their future plans? Watch this space.

The Heart of India keeps us here with Renu Gulati from the UK and Katrin Karneth from Germany

Renu and Katrin have been exposed to Indian culture for substantial periods of time and now choose to live in India. Looking at what attracts them to life in India and what makes them give up their organized and luxurious lives of the West? They feel that the freedom and underlying peace of India keeps them in this land. A look at their respective lives in India as well as their love for India and the challenges they face.

The healing ecosystem of nature: A dialogue between Ayurveda Practioners, Renu & Aneesha Holaday

Human life-entrenched in agriculture, food, education, permaculture, the mind and much more. Understand the practical interconnectedness of life through the simplicity of Ayurveda based on Ahimsa (non harm).

God and Infertility: A dialogue between Ayurveda Practitioner Renu Gulati and Holistic Healer Sherine Lovegrove

Renu and Sherine discuss the effect of religious conditioning on fertility. Based on Sherine’s own life experience, Sherine reveals how her own fertility was sabotaged by her thinking processes and guilt entrenched in a strong catholic upbringing. An entirely new perspective on a potential cause of infertility based on the ‘imposter syndrome’ of sabotaging and repressing ones own desires.

Sustainability and it's roots in Ayurveda with Renu Gulati and Ananya, (Go Green Enthusiast from India)

Looking at the origins of sustainability which come from the ancient science of Ayurveda which are focused on the respect of all that exists. Ayurveda was documented at a time when sustainable living was a naturally practice of life. Looking at whether a truly 'sustainable' life is achievable in today's world and how we might practice sustainable living in today's world.

The survival of one of India's Himalaya Tribal cultures: A dialogue between Renu Gulati and Deepti, (Naturalist and Wanderer)

A self sustaining Tharu tribal community of India lives on in the Himalayan terai on Indo-Nepal Border. Deepti has worked for decades with the 'Tharu Van Nidhi' and their the local tribal culture, traditions, farming, healing systems and more.

A podcast by UK Lawyer Renu-living in Rishikesh, India and Chris-from the UK, living in France on all things Indian and what goes on behind the scenes of this extraordinary land

Both Britishers proclaim their love 💕 for India and discuss on food, culture, climate, nature and what brings Renu and others to India as well as this ancient pilgrimage place of Rishikesh by the Ganges and Himalayas. Rishikesh is in the foothills of the Himalayas and is currently the Yoga Capital of the World.

Times Past-where we are now and should we turn back the clock? A discussion between Renu Gulati and Cathy Davies, (Pianist and Teacher)

Renu Gulati currently lives in India and Cathy Davies lives in London. They both went to the same school in London and have shared memories of a generation gone by. Discussing the adaptations needed for peace in modern living, cultural issues, racism and a whole lot more that has changed  on an individual, family, social and national perspective.

Authentic Ayurveda in the Modern World with Ayurveda Practitioner Renu Gulati and Ayurveda Coach, Susan Aggarwal

Is the modern propagation of Ayurveda leading to its dilution? How do we preserve authentic Ayurveda for future generations and promote teachings true to the tradition.

Human Evolution: Renu Gulati & Nicki Forman, Lawyers and Healers specialising in the areas of Ayurveda and Yoga respectively

A discussion about Yoga, Ayurveda, Kabbalah, Sanatan Dharma-(the eternal duty of non-violence)- and other universal processes and practices to reach one's innate potential.

Ancient traditions of India and their application in the modern world: Dialogue between Renu Gulati & Vanamalli Ma, (Renowned Teacher of India Knowledge Systems)

The demise of the traditional educational system of India and how it has led to an enslaved mind together with distancing from the universal and timeless knowledge systems and culture intuited in India.

Her Real Life story of Women's Empowerment: A Dialogue between Renu Gulati and Isha, a healer

A highly empowered, educated woman of Indian Origin relates her own life story of how she was reduced to severe disempowerment in a marriage of psycho-emotional and physical abuse. Inspiring others of how she rose from this dysfunctional situation and advising on how to manage such situations.

British Indians in modern times: A Dialogue between UK Lawyers Renu Gulati & Debobroto Dey

Renu and Debobroto are both of Indian origin but born in the UK. A dialogue on their respective lives in India and feelings of Identity relating to their being a part of two cultures. The trials and tribulations as well as the benefits of being a part of both cultures. Looking at racism to religion to identity culminating into what might constitute a broader universal identity.

Ayurveda for mind, body and soul for modern times

A discussion between practitioners, teachers and authors Myra Lewin and Renu Gulati on the applicability of Ayurveda in modern times. Looking at the approaches to changes in diet, lifestyle and psycho-emotional patterns for sustained optimum wellness.

The Demise of the Spiritual Fairy Tale

Renu Gulati with Deshna Shah, a practitioner of sustainability, zero waste lifestyle with a background in art and design. In this episode we discuss living in spiritual hotspots like Rishikesh by bringing a critical lens on spiritual communities. With the intention of spreading awareness about harmful malpractices in such spaces.



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