Renu Gulati

Renu Gulati is the creator of Stree Wellness products and was the creator, designer and developer of Tattva natural incense as well as other eco friendly wellness companies.

Dr Anita Duggal
Volunteer, Blogger

Dr Anita Duggal is a retired psychiatrist resident in the UK. She studied Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics and Political Science and was awarded an MSc with distinction in 1992.

Anupama Gautam

Anupama has been a Lawyer by profession for the last 24 years. She is an ardent follower and practitioner of the Gita since Lord Krishna is the absolute perfect lawyer as he seeks justice for dharma (wholesome action).

Pratibhashree Dr. Kalpana Sampath
Volunteer Guide/Inspirer

Kalpana has been working as a coach, trainer, and development artiste for nearly 3 decades helping individuals and organizations focus on excellence through clarifying their vision and values.


Agnes is a supporter and promoter of Stree. She feels passionate about women’s empowerment hence her work with Stree. When she decided to work with Stree she donated an incredible image of Stree which you will see in our art product line under the name of Shakti.


Bina is based in London and fully supports the vision of Stree and is promoting Stree in the UK. She is particularly keen to support disempowered women and children’s education.

Ruri Yanagimachi

Ruri is from Japan. She has a passion for all things organic and sustainable. She has worked with organic farmer markets and organic farms and supported the same in Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and Spain.



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