Agnes is a supporter and promoter of Stree. She feels passionate about women’s empowerment hence her work with Stree. When she decided to work with Stree she donated an incredible image of Stree which you will see in our art product line under the name of Shakti. Agnes’s mind is her palette, the colours her emotions, and each brush stroke, a visual expression of those emotions on canvas. Her themes always revolve around elements of Nature and Life. Her works are a continual attempt of an in-depth analysis of the definition of Life. She is happiest when connected with and around Nature. This subject makes up the largest part of her artworks, and she has created art in impressionistic as well as abstract styles. Her works are recognizable by the play of textures merged into the colour play. The year 2014 brought about a turning point in the life of Agnes when she immersed herself completely into painting. She recently set out on a journey of art with her friends, participating in numerous group exhibitions in India and overseas. Her CANVAS STORIES, is a metamorphosis of thoughts, a play of colours portrayed on canvas. The painting series she has worked on are – Tropical Forests, Feelings & Emotions and Monkey Mind. As her hands paint, her mind also captures her thoughts in words, some of which are displayed along with the paintings. Her art has been selected and displayed at various prestigious exhibitions across the country and overseas. Her paintings are part of the collections of Chitramayee State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad, and also part of many private collections in cities across India, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, London, Canada and USA.



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