Anupama has been a Lawyer by profession for the last 24 years. She is an ardent follower and practitioner of the Gita since Lord Krishna is the absolute perfect lawyer as he seeks justice for dharma (wholesome action). She stands by justice, humanitarianism and spirituality.

A graduate in Electronics and a post graduate in Applied physics enables her to extensively and meticulously research the law for the preparation of cases in matrimonial and other emotionally related issues. In addition, she works with legal issues and litigation including Immigration and other areas of law.

She is passionate about women’s empowerment according to dharma.

Anupama has had her articles published from time to time on social issues in newspapers in Hindi and English.

A theater artist at times as well as a participant in TV shows from time to time.A truly multi talented woman is Anupama

At present, she is working with a team of 20 associates including lawyers, clerks, computer coordinators and attendants.



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