Kalpana has been working as a coach, trainer, and development artiste for nearly 3 decades helping individuals and organizations focus on excellence through clarifying their vision and values. Her work has spanned to a large section of society from involvement with corporate organizations to her work with children exploring life education. Having a flair for writing and research, she has also contributed many articles and books in the area of learning and development. Being an artist, script writer and an actor, she is also involved in projects that connects social issues to theater, movies, music and dance. As Director of Arpitha Associates Pvt Ltd, she is at the vanguard of the movement of interventions facilitating growth and empowerment in individuals and organizations based on the ‘Evolutionary Leadership model, using the concept of vision value alignment for deep change. Working with them at a fundamental level with process-oriented approach, she facilitates awareness of deep-rooted values from which behaviour emerges. She leads the sister concern Education for Integrating Life (EFIL Educational Services Pvt Ltd), dedicated to reaching out Life education curriculum to Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents of educational institutions. With the flagship program EQUBE (enabling evolutionary excellence) Kalpana has been enabling Social entrepreneurship development process amongst senior school students and youth along with her accomplished team. Over 3000 social action projects in last 8 years impacting over 30000 lives so far in schools in Bangalore. Kalpana’s expertise at change management stems from her inviolable principle of acceptance. Her deep spiritual engagement and connect to children contributes to her capacity for facilitating integration of apparently disparate experiences. Kalpana with her affable personality brings a unique flavor to her workshops with her capacity for easily connecting to people and their foundational beliefs. Her participants experience her as highly empathetic and supportive while handling stressful modules. Kalpana’s research acumen and conceptual clarity distinguish her as a practitioner who is constantly learning and feeding her experiences back into ongoing research.



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