Abhyanga is the annointing of herbal oil on the head and body. Recommended as a daily Practice in Ayurveda, Abhyanga is performed with specialized strokes in the direction of the flow of Prana (the life force). Abhyanga can be done by oneself on oneself be given by an Ayurveda therapist/s. At Ayurveda Bhavan, Abhyanga is administered by two therapists who work together with synchronised strokes on the patient’s body. The herbal oil is prescribed by the Ayurveda Doctor according to the patient’s health status.


Mitigates tiredness and fatigue, reduces obesity, detoxifies the circulatory channels, promotes rest, relaxation and mental happiness, improves sleep patterns, enhances colour and complexion, improves the quality of the skin and hair, retards the ageing process, enhances longevity, promotes strength and vigour, strengthens vision and cures diseases of the scalp.

Treatment Duration: 45 minutes



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