Ayurveda Nutrition: 10 Basic Tips

by Renu Gulati September 24, 2019
Basic Ayurveda Lifestyle Tips
  1. Do not sleep after eating as this weakens the metabolism.
  2. Fill your stomach half with food, 1/4 with liquid and leave rest empty so that the food has a place to churn.
  3. Eat your main meal at lunchtime as the metabolism is at its optimum at this time, your breakfast between 7.30am to 8.30 am, your lunch between 11am and 1.30 pm and dinner between 6-7.30 pm.
  4. Do not bath/shower after eating.
  5. Wash your face before eating to enliven your senses and thereby enable better digestion.
  6. Avoid snacking between meals but if necessary take a mid morning snack of a single fruit and in the mid afternoon take something light.
  7. Do not mix fruits with meals, do not mix fruit together and do not mix milk with other foods These are considered to be incompatible food combinations and when combined create toxins in the body.
  8. Avoid putting honey in hot drinks as honey loses its nutritional content and coagulates creating masses of toxins in the body.
  9. Avoid yoghurt and use buttermilk instead. Youghurt is considered heavy and acidic and dampens the metabolism.
  10. Avoid cold or refrigerated water, drink boiled warm water and minimise caffeinated drinks.
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