Psycho-emotional Health During Lockdown

by Renu Gulati April 21, 2020

I heard that the UK is being afflicted with more psycho-emotional conditions during COVID. This could be the same in India but because of the social taboos, they don’t get recorded. I can’t comment on other countries.

According to Ayurveda, social health is integral to overall health. For those of you who are getting affected by loneliness, social media is one option but even better is talking to people close to you and those whom you trust rather than strangers on social media. Video calls are good as they give you some contact. For others, they enjoy the solitude of aloneness.

For those living in a family-like setup or with others, isolation may not be the problem. Having your buttons pushed is the issue. Indians and perhaps slum areas in other countries, the people u live with are in your face is an issue.

Isolation is a killer and so is conflict. What’s the answer?

Isolated people could do more chatting online with loved ones. Those in group situations could do more in the way of deeper conversation and setting boundaries for personal space and time.

Counsellors are also available online. Take your pick if you can afford it.

There are a whole load of other methods to alleviate suffering.

In the end, u r born alone, suffer alone and die alone.

Be with your aloneness and not with your loneliness.

We don’t want a mental health crisis on our hand’s post-COVID.

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