Acute Flu Home Remedies & Tips

by Renu Gulati February 17, 2020

Flu is more likely to hit at the change of seasons due to fluctuating weather conditions.

If we keep our diet light during this time and wear appropriate clothing during this time, we are less likely to get flu.

Here are simple Lifestyle tips if you do

  1. Avoid bath & wrap up warm all the time.
  2. Avoid sleeping during the daytime.
  3. Sipping warm water throughout the day is even more important when you have flu.
  4. Sleep by 10 pm and wake up before 6 am
  5. Minimise your daily activities and do restful things

Home Remedies for Flu

  1. Drink cumin Tea.
  2. Eat Kanjee or mung dahl khichari only.
  3. Avoid any cold foods and drinks
  4. Eat less and according to your appetite
  5. Eat warm foods and drink warm drinks
  6. Avoid dairy products
  7. Make a decoction of black pepper, cinnamon and ginger if no fever and sip throughout the day… if no fever. If there is fever drink coriander tea.
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