Women’s Health

by Renu Gulati April 3, 2020

There are special practices governing women’s wellness in Ayurveda. When practiced along with the general wellness guidelines given by Ayurveda, our chances for better health are greater. The practices relate to menstruation and pregnancy. Very little is said about menopause except the age at which one might expect it. Any complications/ conditions arising from menopause are dealt with in the same way as disease.

In this article, we will be looking at menstruation only. Taking care during menstruation is paramount for good general and gynaecological health, healthy progeny and childbirth.

Menstruation is considered to be a blessing for women as it is a natural detoxification process.

A completely healthy menstruation is one where there is:

1. A regular cycle of about 28 days
2. No pain
3. Reddish blood as opposed to creamy or blackish blood.
4. Blood that can be easily washed out with water and no soap if there is staining.
5. Blood flow for about 3-5 days.
6. Blood flow is neither too heavy or scanty
7. Blood which is neither too thick, thin or frothy.
8. No clotting

During menstruation, Ayurveda recommends that women minimise external stimulus as much as possible as this is a time when women need to conserve their energy as much as possible. The same applies in any detoxification practice.

Ayurveda recommends the following practices for the time of menstruation.

1. Rest for the first 3 days of your period as much as possible. Traditionally women stayed in their homes and were given a special room but this is not possible for most now.

2. Avoid washing your hair for the first 3 days of your period as there is an increased risk of catching a cold or fever.

3. Avoid exercise and Yoga for the first 3 days.

4. Eat a light easy to digest, warm, cooked diet to minimise overloading the digestive system.

5. Use sanitary towels instead of tampons as they obstruct blood flow and can lead to toxicity.

6. Avoid sexual activity whilst there is blood flow.

These practices, when followed along with the general ayurveda diet and lifestyle wellness practices help to promote good health and prevent disease.

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