Rejuvenate Yourself with an Ayurveda Massage

by Renu Gulati August 17, 2021

Many people dismiss Ayurveda as a hoary old science of jari-bhooti practised by jhola-chaap doctors in India. But it has a firm scientific basis, says RENU GULATI, a teacher and practitioner of Ayurveda Ayurveda is a unique holistic system of health and well-being based on the inter-relationship of the body, mind and spirit and life […]

Be your true self

by Renu Gulati August 7, 2021

We talk about being authentic. We talk about walking your talk. What does this mean in daily life?If one were to wear one’s self on one’s sleeve, what would happen? We would be judged, subconsciously or consciously by others. Ayurveda advises us to maintain a happy exterior, no matter what. This then, one would think, […]

How To Overcome Anger

by Renu Gulati August 7, 2021

Anger (krodh), is one of the six deadly enemies which lurks in the shadows of the mind, awaiting an opportune moment to spring up and raise its ugly head from the dark waters. It is a fearsome beast that can wreak untold damage, unless checked and tamed. It creeps up on us when we are […]

The God of Light

by Renu Gulati August 7, 2021

God is Light, within and without. When there’s a synergy between the two, we have peace and happiness. Then denomination and nomenclature don’t really matter. What really matters is oneness and the fact that the Light is above all divisions, ego, religion, class, and culture, says OSWALD PEREIRA In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Diwali, […]

Patience: Pathway to Peace

by Renu Gulati August 7, 2021

Patience shows us the way to peace and boundless joy, says DR ANITA DUGGAL Patience (dhairya) is a rare virtue. It is now becoming rarer, as the virtue is being rapidly lost in our modern world. We live in a fast world ― fast food, fast communication, fast travel, fast relationships. All this has led to […]

Sleep Like A Baby

by Renu Gulati August 7, 2021

Those with great faith, who are able to accept whatever comes and whatever goes and surrender everything into the hands of God, are usually able to sleep peacefully, like babies in the lap of the Mother, says DR ANITA DUGGAL The entire globe is enveloped in a cloud of fear due to the pandemic and its […]