Incompatible foods

by Renu Gulati December 22, 2020

Incompatible food combinations are important to consider as these are more difficult to digest and can create build-up of toxic waste in the system. Incompatibility can occur due to properties of the substances, their combination, processing, place, time or dose of the substances.

  • Antagonism in terms of dose

Honey and ghee in equal quantity

  • Antagonism due to place

Cold, unctuous diet in marshy area

Rough and sharp substances in an arid zone

  • Antagonism due to time

Pungent and hot substances in the summer

Rough and cold substances in the winter

Taking yoghurt or cheese at night

  • Antagonism depending on type of agni

A weak agni (mandagni) cannot digest heavy substances easily

  • Antagonism due to suitability

Someone habituated to hot and pungent may not tolerate cold and sweet

  • Antagonism due to processing

Heated honey is advised against as resulting in toxins.

  • Antagonism in terms of hot and cold potency

Fish and milk are of hot and cold potency respectively and can result in channel obstruction and vitiated blood if taken together.

  • Antagonism in terms of health condition

Vata vitiating substances in someone who is over-working and over-exercising

Kapha vitiating substances in someone who is oversleeping and prone to laziness

  • Antagonism in terms of order of taking food

Taking food before going to the toilet and without appetite

  • Antagonism in terms of cooking

Uncooked, overcooked or burnt

  • Antagonism in terms of combination

Milk does not combine with any taste other than sweet. It cannot be combined with salty, sour, pungent, bitter or astringent. Milk does not combine with fruit especially not sour fruit.

Fruit should be eaten separately. Melon should not be combined with anything including other fruit.

Meat does not combine with honey, sesame, jaggery, milk, black gram or radish.

  • Antagonism in terms of palatability

Taking food that one dislikes

  • Antagonism in the qualities of taste

If taste of food has been damaged as in food that is rotten

  • Antagonism in the rules of taking food

Such as not eating in privacy

  • Antagonism may not be a problem in the following

Where there is adaptation/suitability

When taken in small quantities

If the person has a strong digestive power

In young age

Physical exercise and strength



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