Strengthen your Immune System

by Renu Gulati April 28, 2021

Dietary Advice

  1. Drink warm water throughout the day in small sips. 
  2. 1 litre of hot water can be infused with 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds or a 3 cm stick of mulethi (liquorice bark) and sipped throughout the day,
  3. Spices like Haldi (Turmeric), Jeera (Cumin), Dhaniya (Coriander) and Lahsun (Garlic) are recommended in cooking.
  4. Take Chyavanprash 10gm (1tbsp) in the morning with half of a glass of boiled warm milk. Diabetics should take sugar-free Chyavanprash.
  5. Drink herbal tea/decoction (Kadha) made from Tulsi (Basil), Dalchini (Cinnamon), Kalimirch (Black pepper), Shunthi (Dry Ginger) and Munakka (Raisin) – once or twice a day. Add jaggery (natural sugar) and/or fresh lemon juice to your taste, if needed.
  6. Drink Golden Milk- Half teaspoon Haldi (turmeric) powder in 150 ml hot milk – once or twice a day. If you have a weak digestion, please avoid. Also do not take the milk with meals.
  7. Avoid Salads and cold foods.
  8. Eat your breakfast at 8 am lunch at 12.30 and dinner around 7 pm.

Simple Ayurveda Daily Routine Procedures

  1. Nasal application – Apply 2 drops of sesame oil/coconut oil or Ghee in both the nostrils (Pratimarsh Nasya) in the morning and evening after the bath.
  2. Oil holding therapy– Take 1 tablespoon of sesame or coconut oil in the mouth. Do not drink but hold in the mouth for 2 to 3 minutes and spit it out. Do this after brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue.
  3. Take a daily bath with 10 drops of tea tree oil in your bucket. Or u can make a decoction of neem by boiling 2 handfuls of neem leaves in 1.5 litres of water
  4. Daily practice of Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation for at least 30 minutes as advised by Ministry of AYUSH.
  5. Other exercises can be performed in the morning to half one’s capacity.
  6. Infuse your home with samrani (loban) or guggul or an essential oil diffuser of lemongrass/ eucalyptus/ tea tree
  7. Use neem or turmeric soap if available.
  8. Avoid sleeping in the daytime.
  9. Sleep by 10 pm and wake up by 6 am.
  10. Ensure you get sufficient exposure to the sun – at least 20 mins per day.

Some of these measures have been recommended by eminent Vaidyas from across the country as they may boost an individual’s immunity. Courtesy of Ayush.

Should you develop symptoms of cold, cough, fever or difficulty in breathing,  please consult your doctor immediately.

Stay Happy, Healthy & Safe

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