Wrong food Combinations in Ayurveda

by Renu Gulati July 6, 2020
Balance your food with all the six tastes
  • Milk with water melon
  • Milk with radishes
  • Milk with sour things
  • Honey with wine
  • Honey in hot drinks
  • Vinegar with sesame seeds
  • Honeydew melon with honey, yoghurt or water
  • Cucumber with water
  • Rice with vinegar
  • Meat with sesame, milk, cheese, vinegar or honey
  • Hot foods should not be taken after cold foods and vice versa.
  • Avoid cold drinks after taking tea, cucumber, honeydew, melon or cantaloupe
  • Hot water after taking honey
  • Honey and ghee in equal proportions
  • Sweet and cold food eaten by a person accustomed to pungent and hot food or visa versa
  • Antagonism from cooking, such  as eating food cooked with bad fuel, uncooked, overcooked or burned food
  • Antagonism in processing such as the use of food technology which may render food unsuitable for consumption
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